I’ve decided to make a serie of paintings and drawings, which will lead the viewer to a story I will tell. But not in a specifc way. I will arrange all the paintings and drawings on the wall without any marks or indication of storytelling. It will be the viewer in front of all the paintings, trying to figure out what the links are. If there is one. But if he/she doesn’t make the effort of seeing that the character is evolving, the places are changing, taking care of the objects and details. It is also fine with me. the important thing in this work is that each painting also has its own story. When you are facing a painting or a drawing you see things that aren’t described. You see beyond what you are looking at on the canvas.

I continue to choose my characters and places from magazines and the Internet even if I’m trying to get more and more models and pictures from real life . then I set my scene up in my mind and make some drawing studies. When I have fixed the issues of composition, I start directly and quickly in paint on a prepared canvas. Layer after layer I try to show the story I have in my mind and the story of the painting, the process of making it.


© 2019 Rudy Ayoun

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